Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig…

Just arrived back from a quick jaunt to LA, where I was at market! It is always so much fun to get off Island and experience the fun and exciting pace of the mainland… but I must admit it is so much more fun coming home to the Islands… This quick trip was to the {Read More…}


Are you an impulse buyer? Or are you a thinker when it comes to making a special purchase? We see all types of shoppers on a daily basis at Bentleys, but more and more we hear from you that I should have bought it when I saw it!!! This statement rings so true at Bentleys. {Read More…}

My How Different We All Are!

My little one got me up in the middle of the night a few nights back. While I sat on the couch trying to soothe him, I was amazed about how much he has grown over the past 17 months. He’s such a big boy now–walking, climbing everything in sight, and really oozing with personality. {Read More…}