25th Anniversary Party…. Saturday, April 27th all day!!!

It’s hard to believe, but this year marks our Silver Anniversary!! We couldn’t have done it without YOU so come and help us celebrate in style, Saturday April 27th 9am – 5:30pm. We consider you part of our ohana so we look forward to sharing time with you if only to “talk story” about our {Read More…}


Are you an impulse buyer? Or are you a thinker when it comes to making a special purchase? We see all types of shoppers on a daily basis at Bentleys, but more and more we hear from you that I should have bought it when I saw it!!! This statement rings so true at Bentleys. {Read More…}

My How Different We All Are!

My little one got me up in the middle of the night a few nights back. While I sat on the couch trying to soothe him, I was amazed about how much he has grown over the past 17 months. He’s such a big boy now–walking, climbing everything in sight, and really oozing with personality. {Read More…}