Do you have a favorite color?  I have two… green and orange.  Both are secondary colors on the color wheel, which means they are colors formed by mixing two primary colors.  When you mix Blue and Yellow you end up with Green.   Mix Red and Yellow, you make Orange. Quick, Quiz time:  Back to grade school–what do you get if you mix the following two primary colors:  Blue and Red???? Purple, of course.
I can’t tell you why my favorite colors are green and orange, but I must admit I’ve always been drawn to them.  While driving up Kawaihae Road towards Waimea the other day, I was captivated by the contrast of the brown and green grass on the mountains.   You can almost see the line where the brown (palaunu) turns to green (`oma`oma`o).  It’s so majestic!
Green to me means nature… it is beautiful, magical and enchanting all in one. I guess this is why Green was named color of the year by Pantone… Check it out!

Pantone's color of the year 2013

So, let me throw this question out to you. How do you incorporate you’re favorite color into your life? Do you wear it, accessorize your home with it, or are you bold enough to paint a room or your house your favorite color.

I personally have done all those mentioned above. When we were decorating Carson’s nursery, we painted an accent wall orange. Not just any orange–Mauna Kea Orange.   BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved it, my husband on the other hand was at first not too keen on the color, but it grew on him. So many shades of Orange!


Some great displays of mixing my two favorite colors; Green and Orange…


Love the pairing of Green and Orange in this.


Just thought this picture is hilarious… Don’t think my pooch, Elsie, would enjoy.


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