Fun at the Derby!!!

This past Saturday we participated in North Hawaii Hospice’s, “Off to the Races” – Kentucky Derby
Party. I must say that North Hawaii Hospice always puts on wonderful events, and this year’s Derby Party was over the top fantastic. It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up in their finery, and what fun it was to see all the spectacular hats!!! You know it’s as much about the hats at the Kentucky Derby as the race itself. AND–of course a Mint Julep (boy, they we’re potent….shhh don’t tell anyone, but I had to cut mine with water, so I didn’t pass out in the corner!)

Some of my favorite moments of the Derby Party….

lovely ladies 3

Some of the lovely ladies at our table…

lovely ladies 2

Love the hats!

Lovely Ladies 1

Love :) the hats!



The tablescapes decorated by community volunteers were pretty amazing. I love to see how everyone takes the theme and makes it their own! You could almost feel the creative juices flowing while everyone was setting up! The elegance and southern hospitality of the Kentucky Derby were beautifully portrayed. I sure hope there are some roses left for Mother’s Day next week!

Derby Table 1

My favorite table of the event!

Derby Table 2

Love the weather vain as the centerpiece!!

Derby Table 3

Wow this centerpiece of roses is amazing…

A little about Hospice…

At Bentleys, part of our mission is to support local organizations on island and in-town that do amazing work for our community, and North Hawaii Hospice is one of those organizations!

North Hawaii Hospice believes in supporting people’s wishes to approach the end of life with a greater sense of empowerment, comfort, and peace. To this end, Hospice provides compassionate, professional care in the home for:

  • people and their families facing life-limiting illnesses.
  • people seeking support with grief and bereavement.
  • people seeking education about end-of-life issues.
  • visitors experiencing a sudden death or trauma while visiting the Big Island.

For more information, go to ….


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